Are you thinking about having counselling but feel that there are barriers in the way that stop you from getting started? What sort of things put you off? Is it time, cost, fear of stigma or something else. 


There are many different barriers that may put people off going for counselling so let's go through some of the more common ones and see how they could be overcome.


Counselling does require commitment in terms of time, generally you would attend weekly sessions so think about whether you can commit to regular appointments. If cost is a concern do some research to see if there are any charities or lost cost counselling services in your area that can help. You can also look at NHS Talking Therapies services and see if you can self-refer.


Are you worried about not being taken seriously or do you feel that other people's problems are worse than yours so you shouldn't seek support? Do you worry about opening up and feel that you will be judged? A Counsellor will listen without judging you and create a safe, supportive environment to help you feel comfortable and able to talk freely and your concerns will be taken seriously. 


Everyone is worthy of help, you don't have to be at breaking point to ask for support. It is just as important to resolve emotional pain and conflict as it is to address physical health issues. 


I offer an initial free 15-minute consultation please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.