Bereavement counsellor  in Huddersfield

It can feel quite daunting finding a counsellor so here are some tips to help you get started. Firstly, think about the reason you are seeking counselling, some Counsellors specialise or have a particular niche so that can help you narrow the search. Do you have a specific goal in mind that you want to work towards? 


Do you want to see your Counsellor face to face or do you prefer online or telephone? Think about what you feel most comfortable with and how you would best respond. 


Where should you search? There are various directories to search such as Counselling Directory, Psychology Today or BACP Find a Therapist. You can also just do a Google Search for example  “Grief Counsellor in Huddersfield” and work through the results. 


Is there a time limit to resolve your issue? Do you have a budget? These are all good things to discuss with your counsellor to help you get the best from your sessions. 


Are you interested in a certain type of counselling for example, CBT or Person-Centred. Each works in a different way so it’s worth exploring which you think would be best for you. 


Finally, the most important thing is finding the right fit. Counselling isn’t easy and you may find yourself talking about things you haven’t spoken about before, or areas of your life that you have really struggled with. You need to feel comfortable and supported to do that and it can take time to build up a relationship. Often Counsellors will offer a short appointment to have a quick chat or answer any questions you may have. That can help you to feel reassured and make a final decision whether or not to book an appointment. I offer a free 15 minute consultation to give you that opportunity so please get in touch if this appeals to you.