In honour of Grief Awareness week 2023 (2nd –8th Dec), I thought it might be helpful to look at the topic of grief generally and explore how you might be able to support someone, or gain a better understanding of yourself, experiencing grief. 


Grief impacts us all, it can bring with it a whole tidal wave of emotions, mixed and often conflicting. Anger, regret, sadness, frustration, despair, shock, numbness, relief and many, many more. There is no manual to follow, no step-by-step guide and no right or wrong way to feel. It can be unpredictable, one day you might feel in control and hopeful, the next you may struggle to open the curtains which makes it feel harder to manage as you can't say where you'll be at a particular time. 


Grief awareness week aims to encourage national conversations about grief and the experiences of those who are grieving. It is still sometimes a taboo subject, and some people may avoid talking about the death because they worry that they will say the wrong thing or upset the person. Talking does help, if you are unsure whether the person wants to talk about the death then gently ask them to gauge where they are at. One aim of the week is to normalise grief and get the public talking so you can play a role in helping meet that aim.  


Do some reading about the impact of grief and the feelings it can bring up for people. I address some of these issues in my previous blogs which you may find of use. Check in on your friends, family member or neighbour to see how they are doing. Get some fresh air and exercise and concentrate on the basics, sleep and eating well.  


Make yourself aware of the various support groups that are available to help you. This could be a local charity, national bereavement service or local support group. There are lots of free resources and signposting online and many people have shared/written about their experiences which you may find resonates with you.  


If you are seeking counselling and would like to know more about how I could support you please get in touch.