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Welcome to Free to be Me Counselling. I am Joanne Reed, qualified to provide grief counselling in Huddersfield, and I would like to tell you more about the work I do, and what I can offer. Contact me on:


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Finding the right counsellor for your journey

Counselling can be challenging, taking you to uncomfortable places and bringing up difficult feelings and emotions. For that reason it is really important you find the right fit to get the best out of your experience. When it comes to grief counselling in Huddersfield, the right fit is someone you feel comfortable talking to, a person you can trust, and someone who is warm, compassionate and relatable. These are all comments my clients have made to me and I have been honoured to work with them in their journeys supporting them to reach a place where they feel heard, understood and ready to take the next steps in their lives.

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Taking that first step

Free to be Me Counselling is based on the premise of how great and empowering it is to be truly free to be yourself. When you really feel comfortable in yourself and your choices it is life affirming and incredibly uplifting, and that is the feeling I hope you can experience through counselling. In addition to grief counselling in Huddersfield, I also work with people going through stress, depression, loneliness, and numerous other life difficulties. Contact me to take that first step towards a better you.

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Who I work with:

  People who have lost their  spouse/partner

  People who have lost a child

  People who have lost siblings

  People who have lost a loved one through suicide

  People who have lost loved ones through Covid

  Women who have had miscarriages/still births

  People who have nursed their partner/relative through terminal  illness

  Many other people who have experienced loss


















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The areas I have covered and offer help for include:


Social anxiety





Social isolation

Difficulty making connections/relationships



Relationship breakdown



Suicidal thoughts

Bereavement through suicide












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Arranging a counselling appointment

You can call to arrange a counselling appointment on:

0759 472 0245 







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Free To Be Me Counselling

I am fully qualified to provide grief counselling in Huddersfield, and I offer counselling either by telephone or online via Teams, whichever you feel most comfortable with. This means I can help people throughout England and Wales with all aspects of grief, isolation, relationship breakdown, and other difficulties.

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Call me for a free 15 minute initial consultation, and to see if I'm the right counsellor for you. You can contact me on:

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