Bereavement counsellor in Huddersfield

Who am I?

My name is Joanne Reed and I am a qualified Counsellor. My background has been quite varied and I came to Counselling after realising what motivates me and where my strengths lie. I really enjoy working one-to-one with people, getting to understand what makes them tick, how they think, feel and respond. Fully qualified to provide grief counselling in Huddersfield, I find that helping someone to gain self-awareness, improve their confidence and self-esteem and make positive changes in their lives is incredibly rewarding.

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Fully qualified and committed to your confidentiality

I take my responsibilities to clients very seriously and am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and am committed to working in a safe, ethical, professional way. I work hard to ensure my clients feel safe, respected and supported. It is important to me that clients can trust me and feel able to talk to me in an open, honest way. I am patient and work in a way that enables clients to set the pace and work however they feel appropriate.








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A friendly and approachable bereavement counsellor in Huddersfield

My clients have told me I am welcoming, approachable and have a warm, calming presence. It is important to me to be someone whom clients can truly be themselves with, where they can feel secure and safe enough to talk about things they may not have said to others or even out loud to themselves. Counselling isn't always easy but I believe that if you are able to commit to it and work through difficult thoughts, emotions and feelings that it can be life changing and a very positive experience.

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How I work

I work with individual adults, over the age of 18 throughout England and Wales. I am trained in person-centred counselling, which works on the premise that individuals are their own expert and know what works best for them. What this means is that I will work collaboratively with you, allowing you to set the agenda and the pace. I am not there to judge you, question your decisions or to try to offer solutions. I am there to help you understand yourself, to understand why you feel the way you do or to help you better understand your behaviour and emotions.

I am a qualified bereavement counsellor in Huddersfield, serving clients across England and Wales. As such, I won't offer advice or guidance or tell you what is best for you. I will however, work with you to talk through options or solutions, leaving you to determine what you want and how to take that forward.







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Counselling tailored to you

As a bereavement counsellor in Huddersfield, I work in an open-ended way meaning I don't limit the number of sessions you can have. I always work with you having an ending in mind and this is something I would always review and discuss, so there is complete transparency throughout.

I charge a fee of £45 per session, which is payable in advance. I offer appointments via telephone or online, whichever you prefer.

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Areas I work with:

Bereavement and grief

Social isolation and loneliness

Social anxiety

Difficulties making connections or forming relationships

Anxiety and stress

Depression and/or feeling low

Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness

Low self-esteem and issues with self-confidence

Relationship problems (I do not offer couples counselling)

Separation and Divorce











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Free To Be Me Counselling

I have supported clients through all of the above-issues and more besides. Quite often when therapy begins additional things come up for clients and so we cover many different areas looking at all aspects of their life and experiences.

If I feel that I am not competent to support you I will be transparent and direct allowing you to make an informed choice.


The type of counselling I am qualified in is person-centred therapy, so that's how I approach counselling. It's very important that you feel safe and supported throughout your counselling. With me as your bereavement counsellor in Huddersfield, you can know that you will not be judged and that you control the narrative.

What next?

If you would like to discuss how we might work together or you wish to book an appointment you can do so in a number of ways. You can telephone me directly on:

0759 472 0245

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I will get in touch with you and answer any questions you may have. I offer a free 15-min consultation that you can use to decide if you feel I am the right fit for you and determine whether you would like to arrange an appointment.