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Free to be Me Counselling is based on the premise of how great and empowering it is to be truly free to be yourself.


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Grief after loss by suicide

Losing a loved one to suicide can be very traumatic, so much so that even starting to grief could feel out of reach. Where do you start with this?  more  

Grief after sudden loss

Grief is tough in any circumstance but how do you process a sudden, unexpected loss?  more  

Grief after terminal illness

Knowing a loved one is terminally ill can trigger anticipatory grief and a number of life changes that can feel very overwhelming.   more  

What does good Mental Health look like?

Mental health is subjective and unique to individuals but what does good mental health look like and how can you achieve it?  more  

Spotlight on Anxiety

Anxiety is something that can affect anyone but what is it, how does it impact and what can you do to manage it?  more  

Spotlight on Grief

In honour of Grief Awareness Week I've explored grief and how we can support others.   more  

Living with Depression

A brief look at symptoms, causes and treatment of depression.   more  

Survivors guilt, what is it and how can you deal with it?

Survivors guilt is very intense and can be quite disabling. It could be that you feel you should have died in someone else's place and you feel guilty you are still alive. How does...  more  

What is imposter syndrome?

Do you experience self-doubt? A little voice that tells you that you are out of your depth and everyone will find out soon enough that you are not capable, this could be imposter s...  more  

Would you recognise burnout?

Do you know what burnout is? Would you recognise the signs? What can you do about it?  more